Maps and plans

Within our collections we hold a large variety of maps and plans. Not only are these contained in specific collections such as diocesan tithe maps and Ordnance Survey maps, but can also be found in many other collections such as family papers, parish collections and sales particulars.

Maps and plans can provide a wealth of information when researching: family, house and local histories, land use, names of fields and their ownership, roads and other rights of way and boundaries.

Local history

Maps and plans can be found in our local history holdings, for example printed in publications, so it is worth searching both our archive and the library catalogues.

Tithe maps

Tithe maps for the whole of Kent are viewable on a hard-drive in the search room at the Kent History and Library Centre, with some of the apportionments transcribed by The Kent Archaeological Society Further records relating to tithes (for the period 1925-1936) can be obtained by contacting [email protected]

Ordnance Survey

We hold Ordnance Survey maps of Kent in hard copy.  They are also available online from The National Library of Scotland.

Estate maps

These can be ornate, hand drawn maps of an estate landownership and can be found in many collections.  It is also worth trying The National Archives to see what they hold. See their guide to these collections.

Public rights of way

Please contact the Kent County Council Rights of Way Department for more information.


  • Search the British Library catalogue to access their vast collection of maps and plans.
  • The National Archives offer a guide on how to search for and interpret military maps from both world wars, national surveys of land from Domesday onwards or changes in the drawing of the landscape of your local area. See their guide to these collections.