Copying documents

Get copies sent to you

We can send you copies of documents if you can’t or don’t need to visit the centre.

First, use our online catalogue and get the finding number(s) of the document(s) you want and contact us for a quote.

If you have any questions please call 03000 42 02 15 or email [email protected]

You can only use copies you make for personal use and research.

Copying charges

The Kent History and Library Centre archive search room offers a copying service. The charges are below:

Printed copies

Staff can provide a printed copy of archive documents, if appropriate, for customers who use the search room. You can make a printed copy of resources (A4 black and white) held in the community history area yourself for 15p.

Printed by staff

  • A4 black and white – £1
  • A3 black and white – £2
  • A4 colour – £2
  • A3 colour – £4

Digital copies

We can make digital copies and electronically transfer them to you (or posted on a CD for an additional charge).

  • Standard image (size of original up to A2) – £6
  • Standard image from a book (size of original up to A2) – first page £6 and £2.50 per page afterwards if from the same book
  • Professional standard image (size of original up to A1) – £17.50
  • Professional standard image from a book (size of original up to A1) – first page £17.50 and £6 per page afterwards if from the same book
  • Estate map – £10 per map
  • Tithe map – £15 per map

Camera licence

Camera licences are £12 a day, or £6 for half a day (morning or afternoon). Check you’re allowed to photograph the documents you’re interested in before you buy the licence.

Restrictions on copying

We’ll let you know if you can’t copy something due to data protection, the condition of the material or other reasons.

Permission to publish

If you want to publish or reproduce images please complete the appropriate form below and email to [email protected]

KHLC Commercial Permissions Form 2020 (DOC 113KB)

KHLC Non Commercial Permissions Form 2020 (DOC 115KB)